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Why your staff satisfaction is important ?

Why your staff satisfaction is important ?
Photo by Csaba Balazs / Unsplash

People always focus on customer satisfaction and forget what is most important, which is employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction is the extent to which an individual is happy with their job and the role it plays in their life.

To create the satisfaction of your team, you must provide a supportive work environment with the following steps:

1- Accept mistakes and help them improve and learn.

Help your employees grow and learn, and stay flexible because no work is without mistakes

2- Communicate with them and hear their opinions.

There is nothing better than emotional intelligence! Get to know them and their needs, let them know you care about their well being.

3-Encourage them, give them feedback, and reward them.

Recognize your employee good work! Be honest on your feedback, then reward them to enhance their satisfaction.

4- Create a space for creativity.

When you give them a chance to think creatively, this make your Resturant achieve their goal faster!

5- Respect them to earn their loyalty.

A happy staff = Productive staff

Behind every successful restaurant is a satisfied and happy team!